Bioinformatics Art

During my undergrad, I did research in Dr. James Pierce’s lab working on the horseshoe crab genome. Below are the logos I created for a website which was to host the cDNA library from BACs.

Shortly after starting the grad school, hopes of progressing ahead were dim. To boost the spirits and aim for the finish line, I created team Bioinformatics t-shirts.

After wheedling science gods we all passed grad school and I landed a job at UPENN in Rick Bushman’s lab. Great majority of my work involved looking at next-gen data produced by 454 sequencer.


The secure website of the lab at the time lacked a bit of color and creativity so I created few things to setup the moods for analysis.


2 thoughts on “Bioinformatics Art

  1. If your Team Bioinformatics is “better than you,” they should know that DNA is a right-handed helix, not left-handed. Same for the painting.


    1. Haha…man in all these years no has caught that! Thanks for pointing that out…perhaps at the time I was hoping horseshoe crab genomes were exceptional and would be left handed 😉


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