• NGS data management, exploration, reduction, and visualization
  • Making biologist friendly web apps and R packages
  • Developing end-to-end workflow solution
  • Pharmacogenomics


Apr 2021 : Present ~ Oncology Lab Bioinformatics & Data Analytics Lead at Invitae

  • Serving as the technical and scientific lead for products driven by Bioinformatics & Data Science
  • Overseeing development and deployment of all informatic data analysis pipelines, algorithms, and
    applications serving under IGT platform
  • Integrating variety of external facing analytical systems to help streamline informatics workflows and reporting for PCM/Multi-analyte assays
  • Automating dry-lab operations for lab/data services projects
  • Developing processes & systems to allow effective cross-functional collaboration between teams to drive quality product development

Jul 2019 : Apr 2021 ~ Head of Bioinformatics & Data Science at Genosity (now Invitae)

  • Serving as the technical and scientific lead for Bioinformatics and Data Science.
  • Overseeing development and deployment of all informatic data analysis pipelines, algorithms, and applications.
  • Bioinformatics lead on data analytics service and consultation projects as well as serving as the bioinformatics expert on regulatory submissions.
  • Working closely with the technology development team to ensure data analytics tools are developed to support new technologies, while also working with QA to ensure regulatory requirements for data management are met.
  • Overseeing validation activities for new analytical processes or updates to existing processes in consultation with QA.
  • Developing custom data models and algorithms to improve assay sensitivity and precision.

Jun 2017 : Jul 2019 ~  Bioinformatics Scientist at Thrive Earlier Detection Corp (Formerly PapGene Inc)

  • Played a leading role in maintaining, improving, documenting and ensuring the quality of Bioinformatics Pipeline utilized for DETECT-A and CancerSEEK.
  • Evaluated and developed bioinformatics approaches for massively parallel sequencing assays utilizing SafeSeqS technology.
  • Developed Sample to Reporting workflow with interfaces for paired analysis and automated validations.

Oct 2016 : Jun 2017 ~  Assistant Director of Research & Development at BioReference Laboratories

  • Managed production of analytical bioinformatics software
  • Provided strategic direction for large scale/high volume projects

Aug 2014 : Oct 2016 ~  Research Scientist at BioReference Laboratories

  • Developed a variety of clinical grade NGS pipelines/algorithms for oncology and infectious disease characterization. Collaborative featured products include:
    • ClearView Analytics tool kit for OnkoSight product line (Tumor profiling assays)
    • Specialized Genotyping pipeline for Inherigen (Carrier screening assay)
    • Cluster aware autonomous NGS job management and archiving system
    • Custom Somatic & Germline variant callers utilizing adaptive thresholds

Jun 2007 : Aug 2014  ~  Sr. Programmer Analyst at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.

  • Developed computation tools (web-based/command-line/reproducible report) to aid viral integration site research in vertebrate and invertebrate species.
    • Research area covered monitoring clones in gene therapy trials, genome editing with designer nucleases, and tethering host/viral proteins to alter integration patterns.
  • Streamlined processing & analysis of NGS data
  • Administered and maintained servers: MySQL + HPCs
  • Assisted lab members with technical/IT related issues


2006 : 2007  ~  University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP)

  • Masters in Bioinformatics from Misher College of Arts and Sciences

2002 : 2006  ~  University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP)

  • Bachelors in Bioinformatics from Misher College of Arts and Sciences
  • Minor in Biochemistry


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