Anoopam Mission


If there was a place where my creations fully blossomed, it would be Anoopam Mission. With the help of Surendra Patel, who registered Anoopam Mission USA in Philadelphia under the guidance of Sahebji, my creative abilities were able to thrive. My design work at Anoopam Mission began in 2003 when Sahebji inaugurated a new Shikhar Bandh Mandir in Allentown, PA. For the celebration, I created an iconic t-shirt which compelled many more designs for the years to follow. Most of the t-shirt designs were created for a yearly summer camp dedicated for the youth growing up in America (Yogi Youth Camp)

During recent years, my involvement with Anoopam Mission increased as my relation with Sahebji and other resident saints strengthened. In 2013, the organization decided to celebrate Sahebji’s 75th birthday & 10 year anniversary of the temple. Below are few designs I made for save the date magnet.

Along with the magnets, I also made the official invitation for the celebration with complementing envelope and an insert. The invitation was a three fold piece design where the front flap with “Mandir Shikhar” exposed the “75 logo” in the last flap!

Here are few other small things which I created for various celebrations at Anoopam Mission.

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