R Packages

hiAnnotatorcontains set of functions which allow users to annotate a RangedData or GRanges object with custom set of annotations. The basic philosophy of this package is to take two RangedData or GRanges objects (query & subject) with common set of space/seqnames (i.e. chromosomes) and return associated annotation per space/seqname and rows from the query matching space/seqnames and rows from the subject (i.e. genes or cpg islands).

hiReadsProcessor: contains set of functions which allow users to process LM-PCR products sequenced using any platform. Given an excel/txt file containing parameters for demultiplexing and sample metadata, the functions automate trimming of adaptors and identification of the genomic product. Genomic products are further processed for QC and abundance quantification.

R Code

Collection of posts to do neat stuff with R.


Where I stash most of my pleasant looking code

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